Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag is a coven made up of diverse, unique and spiritual members that have found a path to walk with others of like mind for spiritual development and service to their community.

Membership into Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag is not achieved through just an emailed desire; there are some steps to take following the Charter and By-Laws of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. The Community-at-large is presented with many opportunities to celebrate ritual, attend workshops, and other special events with us as we continue to grow as a group.

We invited those over the age of 18, who are interested in Wicca in a celebratory and devotional manner to join. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate during the six months (minimum) trial period so each of the members may become familiar with you, as well as allowing you the opportunity to understand who we are and how we celebrate the God and Goddess in our everyday lives.

Since we are an established coven and our Wicca 101 classes have ended, newcomers would benefit if they have at least some knowledge of Wicca to understand and fully experience our rituals. This may be simply reading a few good books to dispel any misconceptions, or a willingness to pursue directed study to learn about Wicca and the ASW tradition.

The Membership process:

§ First, you must contact the leadership of the coven with your desire to learn more about our group

§ Next, if the coven is accepting new members you will be invited to complete a confidential application for leadership to review.

§ Then an interview with the leadership will take place to allow you the opportunity to ask any direct questions or express any desires at that time.

§ You will be given opportunities in which to interact with the coven through ritual or special workshops or lectures as a means for you to get to see how our coven works.

§ If after 3 months (or 6 events - whichever comes first) you feel that membership is still what you seek, you must compose a Letter of Intent to the coven leadership. This should include why you have chosen to join a coven, what has brought you to this path and particularly Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag; what you hope to contribute to the coven and what you expect in return; as well as any additional questions, concerns or information you feel may be vital to the group.

§ The information will be shared with members of the coven. Upon leadership's discretion you will be granted a six month "getting to know you" period where the coven members will make themselves available to you during events to answer any questions you may have about our tradition, our mission and our practices. Again, it will be through invitation only. During this time leadership will speak with you on a regular basis to see if you understand how the coven's structure, ritual, pantheon and faith practices work and if you are compatible with them.

§ The HP/HPS will then consult the coven's patron God and Goddess and the group mind. If there are no objections from the group mind and/or our patrons, we will schedule an interview for you with the whole coven.

§ At which time a coven interview will be held with all of the coven members to see if all are compatible.

§ Once approved, a ritual will be performed for that member's dedication into the coven. Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag (FAWS) and the Assembly does not deny membership on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual or affectional orientation, marital status, economic status, personal appearance, political affiliation, or disability; but may be denied to individuals practicing antagonistic creeds such as sexism, racialism, demonism, and other antagonistic creeds as determined by the Assembly. Evidence of abusive or violent behavior, baneful Magick, or other dangerous or destructive acts in word or deed may be grounds for denial of membership or expulsion. However, not everyone who approaches the coven is able to join - for a variety of reasons.

Please contact us for more information and a copy of the application.

To contact the leadership, please email: Monica Stanton